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Sick and tired searching for innovations and technology partners?

No need to invest meaningful time checking information in a plethora of individual sites. Excellenting is a one place marketplace connecting all together technology scouting and open innovation stakeholders. Our active recommendation engine takes into account users’ profile, interest and needs, in order to provide the community with more accurate results for their uploaded proposals & searches. Excellenting is an automatic knowledge provider which supports companies to structure their R&I strategies and projects: providers, partners, consortia opportunities, and funding. Allowing them to stay aware of technological trends and competitors to shape their strategy. Moreover, technology proposals are automatically assessed using a quick intern survey based on the NASA technology readiness level scale (TRL). Excellenting is a specialized database, gathering results which covers the value chain of Innovation from lab results to marketable products, join us today to link your R&I offers or demands with stakeholders and meet your goals for each development stages

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Showcase your project and get perfect matches to sell and apply your technology. Excellenting lets you upload and manage proposals with a large number of categories, specific IP status, and project keywords.

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