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Future of EU Research & Innovation: Lamy Report

Last week Brussels host an event to challenge ERC for the upcoming program, in light of Lamy report (PDF). A critical view on the present Horizon 2020 research frame program, the first one that include direct funding support for innovative SME’s, to build a new Europe strategy, based on knowledge, sustainability and leadership in technological solutions.

Two clear messages from #Lamyreport, it’s not just about money, there is a need to implement conditions for R&I

As R&I Commissioner Carlos Moedas pointed out during the event, there is an opportunity for the European countries within the actual geopolitical status and we are asked to take advantage of it. Although there are many challenges facing the actual program, coming to budgets, it relocation on the different regions, and ever stated question of making the innovative results marketable, all the speakers agreed that there is a need to make Innovation matters for citizens, and make them proud of all the efforts being done by the stakeholders across industry, and the welfare societies supported by all these results.

Convincing public opinion and decision-makers that further EU investment in research and innovation and maximizing its impact is probably the best option that Europe has to deliver solutions and future well-being of its citizens.

1.8 M Researchers in Europe & 30% global publications: #Lamyreport  calls for increased EU investment in research and innovation, doubling of research funding in #FP for the sake of Europe’s future

Over the many challenges faced, one of most critical is digital era and the new generation. As the new technologies are breaking their way into the industry, many sectors lack the resources or skills to take advantage of it and staying productive on the European and international landscape. Moreover, the question about the many solutions that are expected from the younger generation, closely related to their native digital skills, is the awareness of the diversity across the European regions and scale up digital solutions.

“Europe growth is closely linked to science and innovation”

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